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Sound art gallery


A selection of electro-acoustic works for multichannel concerts, theatre, dance and game sound design. 

From here (2012)

The original title track for the ipad game "Trouble Tower".


Sound design : Jeffrey Hannam

From here - Jeffrey Hannam

Tower tycoon (2012)

The title track used for the ipad game "Trouble Tower".


Sound design : Jeffrey Hannam

Tower tycoon - Jeffrey Hannam

Sun bleached hills (2004)

Musical theme for the theatre performance, "Fertility of Objects".


Sound design: Jeffrey Hannam

Sun bleached hills - Jeffrey Hannam

2Traverse (2004)

Rehearsal recording for the theatre performance, "2Traverse".


Sound design: Jeffrey Hannam

2Traverse rehearsal - Jeffrey Hannam

Still (2003)

The music for the multimedia performance, "Still", was over 1hr in length. This is an extract from that work.


Sound design: Jeffrey Hannam

Extract from Still - Jeffrey Hannam

View from a room (2014)

View from a room is a multichannel work created using Procession & Nebula. It takes the listener on a contemplative journey through spaces

Track name - Artist name

Metamorphosis42 (2010)

Metamorphosis42 is a multichannel work performed using sound diffusion techniques and live audio processing. This is an extract from the multichannel work.

Metamorphosis42 - Jeffrey Hannam

Maleny (2002)

Maleny is a small country town in Queensland that I would often escape to. My memories of traveling through the picturesque and winding landscape, inspired the creation of this work. 

Maleny - Jeffrey Hannam

Death of Narcissus (2003)

Music created for the scene for Narcissus death. 

Death of Narcissus - Jeffrey Hannam

Marlens' nightmare (2002)

Music created for the theatre performance "Spumante Romantica". In this performance, Mark Seymour plays the role of dying clock-shop owner in Vienna.

Marlens' nightmare - Jeffrey Hannam

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