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Celestial Resonance
An audio-visual encounter with cosmic realms 

Celestial Resonance is a collaborative arts project between myself, and visual artist, Pamela Bain. Extending from the work previously performed by Hannam and Bain within the scientific domain, their project brings together analogue and digital technologies - involving multidisciplinary approaches of painting and paper sculpting, photographic processes, and digital sound components – culminating in an audio-visual installation, immersing the spectator within a series of astronomical explorations. The sonification technique applies granulation as the sound generating engine and slowly sweeps through the image from top to bottom. The resonating grain frequencies are mapped to colour using a 16 colour LUT, where low frequencies appear around the edges, blue, with higher frequencies within the center, being red and white. As the image is scanned, the perceived granular fabric aims to provide the listener an additional layer of contextual information that is associated to the distribution and quality of the different colour bands across the celestial region. Stay tuned for more, as this page is continually updated.

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