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Sonic Interactions

Exploring the relation between sound and the physical object

Sonic Blocks Project


The Sonic blocks project was a collaboration between a myself, an industrial designer, Frank Feltnam, and an electronics builder, Morgan McWaters. This project was developed by Frank Feltnam as part of his Masters research at RMIT University in 2006. 


My role in this project involved the software programming and testing of the spatial sound component and its integration within the multichannel delivery platform. This project was developed over 2 months and culminated in a series of workshops in which school students where invited to explore a spatial sound dimension to story telling using the blocks. In this project the blocks were used to select sound, modify sound volume and spatially position sounds around the room using a 4-channel playback system. The Sonic Blocks project was also presented on the 20th April 2007, to the Interaction design research group at Melbourne Univeristy.   

Slow Floor Project


The Slow Floor project is the second collaboration between myself and Frank Feltnam. This project was developed by Frank Feltnam as part of his PhD research in 2012, and it explores the ways in which an experience of sound may provide agency for modifying peoples behaviour.


This project is still in development.

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