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Software programming

Enabling creative processes

2009 - 2015

Programming: Jeff Hannam

The development for Nebula started in June 2009 as a response to a personal experience working with visualisation and auralisation tools to create virtual walkthroughs synchronised with a spatial rendering of the virtual environment. Nebula started as a personal project, and it is now the core spatial design tool used by undergraduate students enrolled the SIAL Sound Studios "Spatial sound modelling" elective.




2014 - 2015

Programming: Jeff Hannam

Inspired by the modular design of Reason and the simplicity of BEAP, Procession is a sound design environment, programmed in Max5, for analysing, creating and processing sound materials. 


Applying the knowledge gained from the development of Nebula, Procession adopts a similar framework for managing the complexities of project work. New to this work is a point and click interface for quickly mapping and connecting modules.



Breath Clouds


Visualisation programming: Jeff Hannam

Breath clouds is an interactive installation, designed by Chris Cottrell, involving a suite of electronic sensors coupled to a visualisation engine for rendering changes in humidity, light and temperature.


My role in this project was the design of the visualisation engine that recieves realtime sensor updates using OSC via a Max5 patch environment.




Bus projects

Chris Cottrell



Sound design: Jeff Hannam

The sound design for this project uses video point tracking techniques to generate envelopes for modifying parameters within the musical score.


This project was developed as part of Mike Hornblows PhD work.

Trouble tower

Sound design: Jeff Hannam


The sound design for the ipad game, Trouble Tower, involved traditional sound production techniques, and more experimental techniques for composing sounds. For example, the density of sound events (such as the rewards sounds, balloons and stars), were designed in Max5. This offered greater control of sound variables, including, pitch, loudness and timing. 


Trouble tower was funded by an RMIT Learning and Teaching Investment fund grant.



Pathway designer

2013 - ongoing

Development: Jeff Hannam

The pathway designer is a personal project that explores the process for designing and performing virtual sound movements over a multichannel loudspeaker system. This project is currently in development. More details to come.



A community space

2013 - ongoing

Development: Jeff Hannam


An online sandbox environment. This project is currently in development. More details to come.



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